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21st century fashion: women style

Until now, 21st century fashion is something that always becomes the most important thing mostly given attention by people. Moreover, it is supported by the attendance of television and internet that make women in this century are not only restricted in one style. There are so many fashion styles that is appropriate with their communities, religion, age, or even culture. The following information is related to them.

 The first 21st century fashion style is fashion that is affected by religion. As the example is women Muslims fashion that wears long dress and veil. The other women in Christians and other religious groups also have their own fashionable wardrobe.

The other 21st century fashion is affected by age. Women in this century are also clever in applying clothing as well as their age. The women who have young age commonly wear clothing with shorter style and more fashionable. In the contrary, the old women are usually more conservative in choosing their clothing and haircut. You might be interested in reading Skate Chicks.

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Culture is the other item that also affects much in the women fashion style in this year. Women in this group prefer to wear clothing that indicates their culture as the background. As the example is women in Japanese tribe usually wear “kebaya” as their special clothing. The other example is women in India which commonly wear saree to show their culture. Then, women in Africa also wear Kaftans as their heritage representative 21st century fashion.

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