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90s Fashion Trends

Talking about 90s fashion remembering us about unique fashion styles that was popular in that era. It can make us smile sometimes, since it is very different with current fashion styles. But in the other way, it is also often become the trends in this era. Many people are back to the era 90s to follow the fashion styles. Well, here are some trends that was popular in 90s.

 The first trend of 90s fashion is wearing the overalls dresses. It is a kind of jeans dresses that are combined between the upper part and the bottom. This kind of clothing was very popular and worn by almost all people in that era. Sometimes, it is added with the style of one strap which is undone.

The other trends that is popular as 90s fashion style is ripped jeans. It is a kind of jeans which is ripped in some parts makes the jeans looks like old jeans. But actually, it was popular in 90s. Then, zubaz and skidzare also the other trends in that era. This is a colorful drawstring pants. Even though the appearance looks too much, but it is comfortable to be worn. You might be interested in reading 21st century fashion.

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Rachel haircut is the other trends in the 90s. The hair is cut in short form. It was very famous. Moreover, it is popularized in 1994 by Jennifer Anniston. It make one of the 90s fashion trends become more popular.

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