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Bershka 2013 Collections Information

The collections of  Bershka 2013 have not been released yet. Still, you can be happy now because in fact some sneak peek information about the collections is already available for public. From the information, some general ideas about the collections can be concluded now.

The first conclusion about Bershka 2013 is that the design applied in most of the collections is simply stylish. This kind of design is not only applied in some formal dresses but also some casual outfits. It means that the collections will surely be suitable for those who love to look simple without leaving the idea of stylish.

The example of formal dress which is included in the collections of Bershka 2013 is a beautiful one shoulder dress. This dress is made to be tight so that it is so suitable for them with slim body. Although the dress is made to be quite asymmetrical, it still can be said that it looks simply elegant. You might be interested in reading Short Dress 2012.

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For the casual outfits can be found in the collection, there are so many options of outfits can be used as examples. It can be the white t-shirt with some black skull prints. Besides, the floral-patterned tight jeans are other example that makes Bershka 2013 collections to be a perfect choice for women to choose in 2013.


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