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Levi Jeans for Your Cool Style

Levi jeans are popular kind of jeans that has been popular since some decades ago. These jeans look very great with its various designs. Besides that, the fabric that is used to create these jeans also has strong durability. The design of the jeans itself are crated in various designs. These are some options for your choice.

 Classic rise with bold curve boot cut skinny jeans is the first option design of Levi jeans. It is kind of log jeans that are created for women. The color that is created in navy blue will look best if it is completed with white t-shirt. Besides that, it will also look great if it is paired with t-shirt and casual blazer.

Then, modern rise with demi curve is the other choice. These Levi jeans are also designed in skinny jeans. The color which is light blue with some white color will be suitable to adjust long coat and some blouses. You might be interested in reading Short Fashion 2012.

Levi Jeans Black

Levi Jeans 2012

Levi Jeans 2013

Levi Jeans Blue

Levi Jeans Celeb

Levi Jeans Concept

Levi Jeans Green

Levi Jeans Groupshot

Levi Jeans Ideas 2012

Levi Jeans Ideas 2013

Levi Jeans Ideas

Levi Jeans Logo

Levi Jeans Short

Levi Jeans UK

Levi Jeans US

Levi Jeans

Not only skinny jeans in long design that is created, but also skinny jeans high rise in legging design. This design will be very appropriate to complete your modern fashion style. After all, Levi jeans are interesting jeans that has been popular since some decades ago.


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