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Skinny Blazer in Various Designs

Skinny blazer is one of smart ideas to support your stylist appearance. This great clothing can help much your appearance to be looks greater. This kind of blazer can actually create semi-formal nuance that is appropriate to be worn in semi-formal occasion. There are many designs if this blazer that can be your reference. Here are some of them.

 The first option is black skinny blazer in one button. This blazer is designed in interesting design completed with one button. You may combine this blazer with white shirt or vein to make it look more stylists.

Then, black blazer in skinny twill can be your other choice. The design of this skinny blazer is quite simple with only one button and two pockets in the right and left side. This blazer will look best if you adjust it with white casual t-shirt. You might be interested in reading Swimsuit burka.

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Navy strip college blazer is the other example that you may choose. Different with the other design of blazer, this blazer is created with patterned fabric. This looks best if it is paired with t-shirt or casual shirts. If you want to make your style looks more adorable and semi-formal, you can use this skinny blazer as the complement of your appearance.

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